Dinner Should Be Finished at Least Three Hours Before Bed Time!

When you finish your Dinner? Just before bed time? I have found Bangladeshi people usually take their dinner at 10 to 11 pm. Just after finishing dinner, they fall asleep. I have also found in abroad that they finish their dinner within 8 pm. I think this is one of the most important healthy life style. We Bangladeshi people don’t understand or think healthy lifestyle at all and this is the main cause for increasing risk of heart diseases, diabetics, obesity etc.

Why we finish dinner early?

You may go to bed with full stomach and you do not do any activities. The whole calorie from foods will be stored as fats. Foods will not be digested properly as well. If you take dinner 3 hours before you go to sleep, you will burn some calories from the foods; foods will be digested properly from your activities. You may feel a little bit hungry at bed time, but little hunger may impact early rising, fat burning mode of your body. Eight hours of sleep at night will burn fat from your stored energy. If you can refrain yourself from taking any food just before bed time, then you will be in little fasting mode and you will decrease weight fast. It will also help you to eat your breakfast on schedule. This is guaranteed and I have implemented in my daily life and got dramatic result.

So, go for dinner 3 hours before bed time from today.

Image by: size8jeans


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