If you genuinely need any help or have any query related to fitness, diet or excersice, please feel free to contact with me to this email address: fitnessbd-at-gmail-dot-com.

I will ignore any abusing message or personal question.

Moreover, I’m also available in Facebook account of Fitness Bangladesh. The account name is Fitnessbd.


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  2. hello . its nice to find who undrstnd gym aint all diet & nutrition are 70% . m 5.7 20years old i weight around 63 . i have no speacial diet caus food like OATS,CERAL,SALMON,TUNA,ASPARAGAS so i want ur help to get a 1500 calorie low carbs high protien diet & other issues like will i lose the muscle of my upper body chest shoulder & arms . i just wanto get lean in lower body & am in the gym for 1 year i can lift without protien or creatine exmpl INclin fly 30kg . deadlift 180 pound .do i have to do compound exercise more lik sqaut,deadlift or isolation exercise . i know a lot of trainer bt i dont trust them caus they dont about nutrition & more . i hav high tolestorene too . so pls suggst me somthing

    • Thank you very much for your compliment. I’m not a nutritionist. Please consult with a nutritionist for your problems in person. It’s not possible to provide suggestions without knowing a person in detail and from distance.May Allah bless you.

  3. আমার উচ্চত5, 9,ওজন খুব কম মাএ 51 কিলো ওজন কীভাবে বারানো যাই ।

  4. this is jewel. i m a job holder . my height is 5′ 8″. weight is 93kg. i want to lose my weight … pls give me a good solution which will be shoot my job and time frame….

  5. একটি জনপ্রিয় টিভি চ্যানেলে আগামী দুই সপ্তাহের মধ্যে একটি হেলথ শো নিয়মিতভাবে হতে যাচ্ছে। যদি আপনার কোনো আপত্তি না থাকে, তাহলে এখান থেকে কিছু টিপস আমরা দেখাতে পারি। আপনার উত্তরের অপেক্ষায় আছি।

  6. আপু স্বাস্থ্য় বাডানোর জন্য় বিস্তারিত আলোছনা করলে খুশি হব

  7. আমার বয়স ১৭ কিন্তু ওজন ৭২কেজি। এতে আমি বেশিক্ষণ দাড়িয়ে থাকতে পারি না। আমি কেমন করে ওজন কমাতে পারবো?

    • ধন্যবাদ| আপনার উচ্চতা অনুযায়ী যদি ওজন বেশি হয়, তবে ব্যালান্স ডায়েট ও ব্যায়ামের মাধ্যমে ওজন কমানো সম্ভব|এই ব্লগে অনেক পোস্ট আছে, যেগুলো আপনার অনেক উপকারে আসবে|

  8. hi i wanted to know what do they call brown rice in bangladesh? my mother is diagnosed with block in her heart and she needs to reduce weight and have a healthy lifestyle..i live in UK so i get brown rice here easily, but i just couldnt make anyone in bangladesh understand what is the bengali name for brown rice…even if brown and white rice contains same amount of carb…but brown rice is more rich in fibre and has more nutrients as it is less processed…my mom needs a fibre rich would be gr8 help if u can reply…

    and also deshi kon kon fish e omega-3 ase oitao ektu jodi bolte paren khub help always to tuna or salmon can kine khawa possible na…and i am sure even if i buy for her she wont like to eat those…thanks

    • Thanks Tasmia. Brown rice helps to keep good health. U can find brown rice at Meena Bazar in BD. Deshi sea fish gulo,jemon: Koral,bhetki, salmon e omega 3 achhe. Tachhara oily fish gulo,jemon: ilish,pangash ittadite omega-3 achhe. It’s better to ask a dietitian/doctor to take a complete food/diet chart for your mother.
      Allah hafiz.

  9. Ami apnar fitness artical regular pori & follow korte try kori. Amar baby hoar time e wait gain korechilo,10 kg losse korechi. But I want perfect wait amar hight&age onujai.amar husband er o age & hight onushare onek wait hoe geche. We need ur help. Plz apni ki personally time dite parben??? Amra apnar shate wait losse & dite nie kotha bolte chai.amar hubby Apnake inbox e SMS koreche 2 bar. Amra Greenroad e thaki.ami now housewife & hubby GP te ache. Plz Apu ektu time ki dite parben???janale khusi hobo. Br-tropa

    • Hi, Humaira. It’s my pleasure that you read my blog and try to follow. It’s great that you and your hubby want ideal weight and try to maintain healthy lifestyle. As you want personal time from me to consult about diet and weight loss, I’m extremely sorry that currently I’m, too busy with my professional life. I would be glad if I can meet you. But, unfortunately I can’t. What you can do is you can send me your all questions by email or ask me in by blog’s any question section. My email id:
      Bye and take care.

  10. Madam, I’m a student from sylhet. I’m 17 yrs old, hight is 5′-5″.and 46 kgs weight. Please suggest me, how can I increase my weight.
    Please replay as soon as possible.

    • Thanks. If you want to increase weight, you have to take 500 calorie more everyday. Like if you have to take 2200 calorie everyday, then to increase weight, you have to take 2700 calorie everyday. This will increase one kg in one week.This is the healthy way to increase weight. Check what is your daily calorie requirement from the main menu–health tool of my site. Moreover, you have to do regular exercise. Because, regular workout increase your appetite. bye,take care.

  11. Hi apu,kemon achen?apnar ai blog amar khubi bhalo lage and it’s very helpful.Thank you for being so supportive.Apu ami 5’6′ lomba and ami khubi slim chilam but recently weight gain kore 70kg hoye gese j ta ami r komate parchina.Koyekdin agew weight 62kg chilo but LCH 1000 plus namer akti diet pill kheye amar weight onek bere gese and gastric problem o hoyeche.Apu ami back to 55kg hote chai pls amak kono bhalo dietian er address den.VLCC te jete shobai NA kore they say it’s a waste of money.Please apu help me.bhalo tekhen.Allah hafez

      • hi apu hw r? your initiatives is undoubdtly admirable. Fitnessbd is very beneficial for everyone. Apu plz tell me abt LCH 1000 what take Zara, is it effective & have any side effect?? Go Ahead by the grace of ALLAH. thanks.

      • Thanks Mr Nazrul. Pray for me so that I can write more good posts for you. I do not know about LCH 1000. But I don’t believe in using any drug or artificial things.I go with natural things always.
        Allah hafiz.

    • Hey zara, its nazrul. hope u r fine. would like to share with me abt LCH 1000 plus. I m so much skinny. plz tell where i can find it? its have any side effect??? reply me plz. thanks. take care.

  12. apu, i am an overweight boy,i want to loose my you know any good nutritionist who can help me to choose the right foods in right time? if you know,please let me know.i am totally depressed with my overweight.i am also facing health is like a burden to me now.:”(

    • Thanks Ohornish for visitng my blog. It’s very good that you want to lose weight.

      Diet Counseling Centre is good place to find good dietitians and counselling. There is a new place named VLCC( see newspaper add) where you get same services.

      Address of Diet Counseling Centre:
      T.M.C. Building (5th Floor), 52, New Eskaton Road,Dhaka,Dhaka 1000,Bangladesh
      Phone : 02 8362057

      • thanx apu.i lives in khulna nad now going through gm diet and 1 hour walk a day.but there is a lil change in my time when i will in dhaka,i will go there.thanks alot.

  13. This is a Good Website. I acquired some health related knowledge from your website.


    Mobile: 01711-288507
    Natore, Bangladesh.

    • Thanks Mr. Masud for visiting my website and your encouraging comments. I hope I will post more interesting and informative articles for you in the near future.
      Pray for Fitness Bangladesh and always keep good wishes for it.
      Bye and take care.
      Chandrima( Founder of Fitness Bangladesh).

  14. apu.i like ur problem is i’m too fatty.For this reason everybody avoit me.Any one not to want that i’ll with them.My life is such a painful.How can i live a happy life.Apu my weight is 82kg.My heps are 39inch.Bally is 38inch.Plase give me a dieat chat and exercise.Hope allah will blase u.Bye

    • Thanks a lot that you like my site. U r overweight, that’s not a problem. U can lose weight if u try and do hard work for it. Just go for balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Give up junk foods, rice. Take ruti instead of rice. Check your ideal weight according to your height. Then take a goal and start. I can’t give you a diet chart, because every person is different, their body needs different things. So, go to a good dietitian and take balanced diet chart. Increase your activity level and take small amount of food in every meal time.
      Hope these will work for you.
      Thanks for visiting my website.

  15. Hi,
    This is Lingkon from Dhanmondi. I am Dietitian. I have studied from Applied Nutrition and Food Technology Department. Doing Private practice as a Dietitian. Your blog is very good. I am very glad that you are so conscious about diet and healthy life style. If you need any help regarding Nutrition and Diet , Please feel free to contact with me. Have a nice day.

    Mobile: 01718068244
    Skype: lingkon004

  16. Apu I highly appreciate your initiative.I believe it will help many people of our country to be conscious about their health.Once I was used to work out at gym and I got good shape of my body but now I feel ever worse in my body only because I do not do physical exercise.Hopefully I will join gym again.your website is enough to encourage the other people also…and thank you so much for opening this kind of website……

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