How will you maintain your weight in this Eid-ul-Ajha Holiday?

I know you all are going to enjoy this meaty Eid. You will get some “Shahi “ foods everywhere in this occasion. Some peoples’ weight will increase in this Eid because of their over-indulgence of food.

But what will happen if your weight will increase? You have to give much effort to lose weight than to gain weight. Red meat (beef, lamb etc) is full of fat and cholesterol. So, I think these kinds of food are not necessary for us.

Now I will give some tips how can you maintain your weight in this Meaty Eid occasion:-

  • Distribute most of the meat; keep a small amount for you.
  • It will be better if you don’t eat at all. But if you take a small amount it is not a problem.
  • Avoid fat part of meat. Like: brain, fat, meat with fat etc.
  • Take less fat part of meat. Like: thigh part.
  • Have less oily, less condiment food. Take kebab, grilled or broiled foods.
  • Take small portion of food in every times when you take meals. For this count calories of food in every portions. Distribute your whole calorie intake equally and take foods five times in a day. Like: if you take 2000 calorie in a day, then you can take 400 calorie in every 5 times. Not exactly, it may vary within 5 times. Try to take huge breakfast in the morning and take less amount of food in your dinner.
  • Try to finish your dinner within 8 pm. After one hour you can slowly walk for 30 minutes and then go to bed.
  • If you have invitation, then eat smaller portions and go back for seconds instead of piling your plate full two times. Eat a variety of foods. Limit your desserts – instead, try sampling a few with very small portions instead of sampling 1 of everything; especially if there are 6 or more desserts. Lighten up and enjoy the big food day with a conscious effort to avoid over-indulging.
  • Take lots of salads before taking large meals. Take a glass of water also before you start eating.
  • Take tea without sugar and milk. Take lemon juice (whole lemon in a glass of water) in the morning.
  • Take fewer amounts of sweet dishes, carbs, fats. Take a lot of fruits, vegs, water (12 glasses a day)etc.
  • Keep all kinds of foods in your everyday food menu: protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals etc.
  • You can eat sour curd( two table spoon) after every meal to reduce fat or can drink “Borhani”. Take isabgul husk at night after dinner.
  • Of course you will maintain your schedule of exercise in this holiday also. You can take a long walk or jogging in your village, free town, climb stairs etc. After warming up your body, give some push-ups and do some stretching and abdominal exercises also.
  • Try to do some house hold works everyday. Try to lift some weights in this time. Keep your body in movement .Don’t be lazy all the time.
  • Set your mind as: “I will take small amount of food and my weight will not increase in this occasion.

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