Gym vs Nature as Workout Place!



Various kinds of machines(cardio,spinning,strength training) and exercises(cardio,aerobics,swimming,yoga) are available in gym.

Proper guidance from trainer helps to lose weight and get in shape.

weight machines and dumbells are available for strength training.

One can calculate  how much calorie one has burned

Gym provide BMI calculation machine.

Some gym also provide physiotherapist.


Closed environment to do workout



open wind and nature refreshes mind and body


Monotonous workout(no option other than jogging)

Various machines are not available.

No guide for proper exercise.

Toning and stretching is not possible to do in open place specially for women.

No BMI and Fat calculation machine is available in nature.

Only jogging does not help to tone one’s body.

3 responses to “Gym vs Nature as Workout Place!

  1. I think your passion in exercise and your understanding should encourage those women who need exercise to loose weight. I’m very happy to find your blog, as I was looking for someone who has fought for over-weight and really eager to help others by sharing the experience.

    I am over-weight, actually obese.. I always wanted to join gold’s gym, but it is far far far from my place. I need to lose 20kgs to get into perfect shape, thinking to join a gym. I am not sure how to decide which gym I should join. I stay in gulshan area. I have no idea which gym is good near my place.. Can you please help to decide what I should do?? I don’t know.. I guess I am not really motivated.. and confused too… Can you please help me by giving your important opinions?

    • Hi, Thank you very much to appreciate my blog. I’m very much eager to share my knowledge about fitness and exercise. I will be pleased to help you regarding these.
      I can’t understand why are you not interested to go to gym or why are you confused. Our life is very important and our health also. Overweight cause many diseases like: high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetics ,arthritis, spondeolities etc. So, why we should not maintain our proper weight and shape? Obese people also look ugly and can’t get stamina than slim people.
      I must suggest you to join gym from today and try heart and soul to lose weight. In Gulshan area there are many gym like: South Avenue, Westin, Ratan’s health club, Dazzle etc. I know many people in Gold’s Gym who come from Gulshan, so why you cannot come?
      To lose weight first thing is you must be motivated and have patience. Set your target weight and try. Before that consult with a dietician and fitness expert. Then got to gym or do exercise at your home. That’s all.
      Feel free if you have any question.
      Thank you.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. There are a good number of gym in Gulshan area, like: South Avenue, Dazzel, Westin etc. You can go to that Gym or do workout at home. If you visit my blog regularly , I think it will be more beneficial for you also. Remember both diet and workout work together to lose weight properly. It is not so easy to lose weight and stay fit, you have to set your goal and be determined for this.
      Feel free to ask me any question.

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