Balanced Diet vs Crash Diet!

Which one is best balanced diet or crash diet? Of course balanced diet.Here are the comparisons:-

Balanced diet :

Advantages are:

helps to control and lose weight moderately ,

Keeps you fit by providing proper nutrition,

improves digestive system and metabolism.

No disadvantages.

Crash diet:


Helps to lose weight very fast.


Slows down your metabolism

You will feel food craving all the time.

Makes you very week and sleepy.

You don’t have energy for hard works.

The lost weight may come back again.

  • People may think that loosing weight fast is good but it may be harmful for your digestive system.
  • Only balanced diet will keep you fit and helps to lose weight properly.
  • So, please go for balanced diet always.

38 responses to “Balanced Diet vs Crash Diet!

  1. Apu assalamalikum.First time apnar blog porlm.valo laglo.Kindly apni amk ekta prblm er solve dite parten khb valo hto.ami eibr Vrsity te vorty hoici to idaning amr weight 90+chole eiita niye amr cinta apni jdi kono diet+exercise er bepare details bole diten..
    amr height 5 ft 11 inch.and weight:93

    my mail

    • As Salamu Alaikum.Thanks for your comments. It’s not possible to provide suggestions without knowing a person and from distance.Please consult with a nutritionist or a fitness trainer.

  2. Amar age 28 years. Height 5’10” inch. Weight 82 KG. Ami amar weight 10 kg komate chai. How can I do it? Pls, tell me sis….

  3. Dada ami gym trainer.apnar lekha pore notun kichu jinis jan te parlam ,valo laglo.asa korbo aro notun jinis apnar teke pabo,valo tak ben.

  4. Apu assalamualikum. Kemon achen? Apu ami apnar kache body fitness tips chai. Amar boyos 21 yrs. Ami applied chemistry and chemical engineering a pori. Ami khabarer proti ruchi hin. Junk food khate khub valo lage kinto sak sobji khate valo lagena. Ami akhon ki korbo pls janaben? Valo thakben.

    • Thanks. Fitness tips er shesh nai. Apnar weight height etc na jene shob kichhu bola possible na. Apni ekjon good dietitian er kach theke diet/food chart nin. Ar exercise korun. Thanks

  5. Apu, ami onekdindhore apnar blog gulo pori, Amar khub valo lage. But konodin tips follow korte parini onihar jonno. Apu amar boyos 19 bochor height 5.7”. Kono helth problem nei ebng ojon 83 kg. Ami ojon komate chai.Ami apnar kach theke 1 ta balanced diet chacchi. R protidin koto k.m hata uchit janaben apu. R akta kotha gham jhoriye hat te hobe naki hatlei hobe? Valo thakben.

    • Thanks,blog porar jonno. ektu cheshta korun, tips gulo follow korun.Bhalo result paben ishallah. Amar hatar post gulo bhalo moto porun. Ojon komate chaile oboshyoi gham jhoriye hatun.3o–45 minit hatun. Balance diet chart deya possible na. Karon kauk na jene,tar lifestyle na jene deya possible na. Ar eita ekjon good dietitian r kachh theke nite hobe.
      Ok,Allah hafiz and take care.

  6. Apu, ami onekdindhore apnar blog gulo pori, Amar khub valo lage. But konodin tips follow korte parini onihar jonno. Apu amar boyos 19 bochor height 5.7”. Kono helth problem nei ebng ojon 83 kg. Ami apnar kach theke 1 ta balanced diet chacchi. R protidin koto k.m hata uchit janaben apu. Valo thakben.

  7. I am a 25 years old housewife. My weght is 62 Kg. I need to loss my weight. Please gve me some sugession and dietiing list.

  8. Hai, apu i am juthi.My age is 22 & my weight 60 kg.Its overweight can you please suggest how i reduced my weight without any exercise .Because i am university student so it is quite tough for me to joint any gym .so now you help me.

  9. assalamualikum apu. ame 22 years old, ojon- 6o kg height-4’10”. middile class family, pls amk proper diet ar jonno akta upai bolun ja amar pokkhay effort kora somvob hobay. apnar blog pore khuboi vhalo laglo. vhalo thakun. jodi somvob hoi mail ar madho-may amak ai upokar ta korte paren. allah hafaz.

    • Thanks for reading my blog. Apni ekjon bhalo dietitian er kach theke diet chart niye ta follow korun. Ar diet tips hishabe amar blog porun. Apni bhat ba carbohydrate kom khan, veg,fruits beshi beshi khan. Bhater bodole ruti khan. Ar junk food, sweet foods bad din. dine 5 bela khan. Sharadin alpo alpo kore khan. Shei shathe regular exercise korun. Thanks, take care.

  10. hello apu, im rose. i live in k.s.a . my age 23 weigth 69kg and married.apu amar problem hocche ami ksa ashar por hotat amar weight bara gache. amar age weight chilo50kg amu ami dait korce but khuno kaj hocche na. amar shorir durbol lagce. ami kivabe amar weight komate pare.pls amake janaben.

  11. hello. i’m 18 years old. i live in khulna. my weight is 100 kg. i want 2 loose 20kg in 3 monthes.i’m 6 feet tall.. i’ve no health problem before. i eat 2/3 pices rooti in breakfast. in launch i eat rice,vegetable & fish. at night some days i eat vaat and fish. some days rooti.
    at friday i eat meat of cow or hen.

    i am a hsc examinee. later i have 2 be busy for admission. so it is impossible to go any gym now. plz give me a diet chart. or suggest me any dietatian in khulna. i need ur help.

    • Thanks Ishtiaque for visiting my blog. It’s very good that you are conscious about your health and weight. I will say 3 things– regular exercise, balance diet
      and healthy lifestyle is crucial to maintain ideal weight and good health. You must follow a blanced diet from a qualified dietitian to lose weight. Moreover,
      regular exercise will also help to lose more weight and acheive fitness. As I was never been to Khulna, I have no idea about a good dietetian in Khulna.
      If it is not possible to go to gym, you can do workout at home or go for walk outside. You can also play regularlay. Regular physical activity will also help you to lose weight and keep fit.
      Loosing weight 20 kg within 3 months is not a realistic goal. Losing 2kgs in a month is an ideal and healthy way. So, keep patience and take time. That’s the key to achieve fitness and good health.
      Bye and take care.

  12. Hello apu,
    I m pretty much glad to see dis blog at all.i have a gym in dhanmondi , “DEWDROP”. I m passionate about gym & exercise from my age of 17.Now i m 23.I have done a diploma on fitness training & done a job in very reputed fitness club as an instructor. My gym trainers providing the international labels cardio sessions,stretching patterns & strength trainings but i m giving effective different types of strength training for my clients. We provide balance diet for clients too.Please write an article on strength training needs for toning body.Most of the woman has misconception about strength in our country that it can make a woman masculine .Appropriate & right strength training can give woman a great power & toned figure.

    Shishir Bindu

    • Thanks Shishir, for visiting my blog. I’m very glad to know about that you are passionate for exercise from your early age. Thanks for your valuable suggestion to write an article about weight training. I think I have just started this blog. A lot of articles and topics yet to publish. Weight and endurance training, are my favorite workouts. People of Bangladesh are not even aware of regular workout. They are very far away from weight training to tone or build up muscle. For this, I’m giving emphasis on regular exercise right now on my blog. I have a plan to publish articles on weight training on my blog. My blog is to help people, so that they can learn some good health tips. Based on my experiences and study, I’m doing it alone. If you wish, you can join with me and write articles about fitness, diet and healthy living. As many of our people cannot afford for Gym, I think it’s our duty to help people by this way.
      Thanks and take care.
      Kazi Chandrima Rahman, Fitness Bangladesh.

    • Dear Istiak:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s not possible to give a diet chart without knowing a person’s details. It’s better you go to a dietitian and take a diet chart. Diet chart may vary person to person. That’s why I’m not willing to give a diet chart. Hope you can understand.
      Bye and take care.

  13. Thanks Apu,
    Apu,it is not possible for me to join a gym now.I am a housewife.Now I am not attach with study.So that passing my time at home.I do not have any baby.I do not have any health problem.plz apu,if you tell me some simple workout tips and a simple diet chart I will be very much greatful.I really eagerly want to loose my weight.

  14. Hi Apu,
    How are you?I read your blog everytime and it is very much encourage me to lost my weight.But unfortunately I am in Australia now, can not join the gym.My age is 26 and I am 5 feet 3 inch.My present weight is 63.I want to loose the weight But I cannot.My face and neck also gaining some fat.Now I have double chin.I love to eat and I know it is very bad. Is it possible for you to give me a food chart and possible workout tips? I will be very helpful.

    • Thank you very much to read my blog. It’s very tough to give diet or food chart and workout routine from such a distance and without knowing a person. Again, I don’t know detail about you,like– gender, occupation, lifestyle, any health problem, previous history etc. It’s better to join a gym and take diet chart from a dietitian. Besiders these you try to gather knowledge coninuously from my blog.

  15. hi. apu. i m very glad to see this blog.but i m very unfortunate that i m not living in dhaka. i need to loss my weight about 6 kg within three is very important to me. so please help me any way in online.i m 23 years old and is a student. i have no crucial health problems.i have no chance to go in gym and to exercise at give me a reliable diet list.if u help me i will thankful to u. my height is 5 feet and my present weight is 60 kg.

    • Hi Kashmeri, Thanks for your nice compliments. Your target to lose 6 kg weight within 3 months is OK. I will send you a sample diet chart by email, but you must consult with a reliable dietitian about your complete diet guideline. If possible you can go for a walk at least 30 mins, 5 times in a week. I think walking may be possible for you than other workouts.
      Thanks and take care.

  16. my height is 5 feet 5 inches n weight 62 so in this situation how can i loose atleast 10 kg weight within two months? suggest me diet list n exercise’s duration to loose 10 kg weight within two month. n also i want to know the address of ur gym?

    • Thanks for visiting my blog.
      It’s very good that you want to loose weight and keep yourself healthy .You haven’t mentioned your age and whether you are small, medium or large frame. Before you start losing weight, you must check whether your target weight is appropriate for you or not. For example, if your are medium frame, then losing 10 kg means your new weight is 52 kg, but your proper weight is 55 kg at least. If you are small frame then it’s alright. Check this link to know your proper weight
      Losing weight at least 10kg within 2 months is unhealthy, although it is possible by crash diet. But it has several side effects and I will not suggest it to you. Healthy way of loosing weight is 2kg per month.
      Suggesting diet chart is not possible by online, because I don’t know your age, food habit, lifestyle, and your previous history of health. I don’t know whether you have any health related problem or not. It’s better you take suggestions from a good dietitian.
      If you read my blog then there are huge suggestions about lifestyle, exercise, diet, food habit etc. You have to develop your sense of food habit by your own by reading some good articles and taking suggestions from a good dietitian. It may take long time to grow complete sense of diet and food habit.
      I will suggest for you few important things: portion control, healthy life style, balance diet, exercising. These are the keys to lose weight.
      Loosing weight fast and in healthy ways are : give up rice and include brown ruti in your diet, take meals 5 times a day,take less amount of carbs(morning, noon,night) and doing exercise .
      You have to keep patience for loosing weight. Consulting with a doctor also necessary if you have any health problem.
      It’s better to join in a good Gym, because there you get complete guideline and well trained fitness trainers.
      My Gym’s address is: Gold’s Gym, Level -10, Bashundhara, (just beside Bashundhara City), Panthapath, Dhaka. Gold’s Gym is the largest chain gym in the world and it is an international gym.

      Hope the above suggestions will work for you. Thanks and good wishes for you.

  17. Its great Chandrima that you have started such a nice blog, and I think this type of blog is quite uncommon among regular Bangladeshi blogs I have come across. We, the women in our 30’s are quite passionate about what we put on our face( I mean the cosmetics) only rather than the body’s fitness and shape. It would be nice if you can start typing in those available bangla fonts, and could include tips about healthy foods. In the mid 30’s women should move more toward foods containing falavnoids and plant hormones. I have seen that only few bangladeshi women knows about the food they are supposed to take in this age to prevent osterporosis and other related diseases. And was shocked that some of them were not very clear about BMI. You can also include those info, BMI calculators etc
    BTW, I always opt out for walking in nature rather than going to gym, as joint pain is more prominent when you go to gym, but I do understand that it is better to go for a gym rather than walking in the streets of Dhaka , specially for ladies.Keep it up, a very good job done.

    • Thanks Rubina for your appreciation about my fitness blog. Also thanks for your suggestions. I will slowly discuss and give tips of all kinds of exercise and diet related tips including BMI.
      I think that for Bangladeshi women, they should start to do exercise first and then will be aware of foods and diet. Exercise will keep them fit.

      I do not agree with your comment that joint pain is more prominent if anyone go to gym. I think there is no logic to support this. I see there are many women who has got complete remedy from joint or back pain after joining gym. Again, in Gym one can get proper guidance relating to proper exercise and correct posture during exercise from trainers, so I think going gym is much better than walking in nature.

      Gym trainers may give you suggestions about proper stretching, diet etc. If you have any physical problem then they will also give you suggestions about how will you do exercise etc. Again if you do jogging or walking everyday ,it will be boring for you. Gym provides facilities for various kinds of exercises like: swimming,running, stretching, aerobics, spinning etc. Various kinds of exercises will refresh you also. You can also get facilities of Spa, Steam, Sauna etc in gym.

      In my gym, trainers are so intimate with me that we share fitness and diet knowledge regularly and we both are becoming benefited by this. Some trainers have training from abroad, some of them were student of BKSP. So, I have no doubt about there knowledge. Again Gold’s Gym, Bangladesh has been awarded as best gym in Asia.So, I am happy about this gym also.
      For this reason, I think a good gym ( I go to Gold’s Gym–the largest chain gym in the world)is the best place for workout.


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