What is Cardio?

You may or may not know the term Cardio Exercise. Specially those who perform work out at Gym, they frequently use this term; like they say: “Today I will do Cardio”.  Exercise can be classified in three ways: Cardio, strength and flexibility.  The word “Cardio” is a modern word and has come from Cardiovascular, pertaining to the heart and blood vessels. During cardio workout, your heart rate will be increased and keep it enhanced until you finish cardio workout. As a result, your blood circulation will be increased throughout the body.  Your breathing or respiration will also be increased. Cardio is an aerobic activity. During this workout, your whole body—including your hands, is in continuous movement. You will sweat a lot during and after this cardio workout.

Before staring cardio workout, know your target heart rate to avoid injury or risk.

Types of Cardio/ Aerobic Workout

Walking, running, jogging, skipping, jumping, cross training, cycling, spinning, swimming are good examples of cardio workout. Playing outdoor games are also cardio activities. Typical aerobic exercise(aerobics in Gym) –floor aerobics, dance, kick boxing, stepper etc are also cardio workout.

Benefits of Cardio Workout

  • It strengthens the heart, the lungs and enhances the capability of lung and heart
  • It boosts your metabolism, and so your body can burn more calories, and you will  lose weight
  • It increases  your energy or endurance level
  • It will give you a restful sleep
  • It  reduces stress and anxiety
  • It makes you cheerful and enhances your sanity
  • It stops weight gain,  helps to lose weight and keeps you fit
  • It prevents the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure ,diabetes, high cholesterol etc.
  • It retards your aging process and you will look younger day by day.

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Before, you start Cardio, you must consult with a doctor. If you are a beginner, then don’t do cardio more than 20 minutes and increase this duration gradually according to your need.  If possible, please go to a good Gym(like: Gold’s Gym, Bashundhara,Dhaka–Gold’s Gym is the largest chain gym in the world) and ask a trainer about the rules of cardio workout. You must perform cardio exercise according to your age, stamina, endurance or fitness level, muscle strength and health condition. Never try to overdo it. Remember to keep you hydrated during cardio exercise.

Remember Cardio is the first step to start exercising and increasing your fitness level. If a person is more than 25 year old, exercise is must for his/her. Because, after 25 year, metabolism starts slowing down, heart rate declines and bone density may starts to lower.  Regular Exercising is the only solution to prevent these health disorders and stop aging process.

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