Message to All Woman on This International Women’s Day!

Today is The International Woman’s Day. “To establish our rights and enhance our honor”– this is the theme of this day.
I’m requesting the women to promise this day to take care of ourselves,our physical and mental health,professional and educational life.
We can do this by one way and this is by doing regular exercise.This can keep you fit,give you more stamina and confident. Exercise also keep away many diseases like: obesity,diabetics,gynecological problems, heart diseases ,arthritis,osteoporosis etc.
I found that all most all woman feel shy and lethargic to do workout.But, if you think about your health and fitness you are depriving yourself.
So,women, let us start exercise from today.We must take care of our health and take balanced diet everyday.
Thank you.
Kazi Chandrima Rahman,
Assistant Professor,
CSE,The University of Asia Pacific
First fitness blogger of Bangladesh and Winner of Excellent fitness award from Gold’s Gym,Bashundhara.

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