Successful Weight Loss Reasons!

Hello everybody! I observed, most people think that weight loss is an extremely hard work. But, being successful in weight loss, I will tell no it’s not. Just, you have to know the reasons behind weight loss.
Here, I’m giving you some best reasons or habit for losing weight properly:-
1. Do exercise regularly:- Maintain a fixed schedule of workout. Don’t skip any workout day. If it’s not possible to go to gym, do workout at your home. Don’t be lazy. Love exercise and stay fit.
2. Do balanced diet with low calorie food:–without dieting it’s not possible to lose weight. Of course you must follow a low calorie, balanced diet according to your need of body. Count calories of your food from every portion and servings. Consult with a dietitian and take a proper diet chart and follow it .You can change it often when you are used to it. But, remember all diets will not work for everybody.
3. Being persistent: Don’t give up; if you are not losing weight, your weight may be stuck often. Motivate yourself and ask your trainer for this. Some people think: “ I have done lots of workout and diet, no more, now I will eat as my wish.” I will tell no. Be consistent and try to lose more weight or stay fit by maintain your weight loss plan. Change your exercise routine sometimes, if it does not work to your body. You are a human being and you can do anything and you must not give up your fitness level a little bit.
4. Set your goal and monitor yourself: Set how much weight you have to lose and what is your ideal weight range? Ask your trainer if you don’t have idea. Ask what exercises will fit to achieve this purpose. Monitor your weight weekly and take your body measurement regularly.
5. Increase your activities: Yes, if you are an idle man/woman, I will tell: you are a foolish. Do some household work regularly. Like: you can play any outdoor game, take a break from your monotonous office work and stroll here and there in your office room, lift yourself  by stairs to your destination, go to market and do some shopping etc.

2 responses to “Successful Weight Loss Reasons!

  1. It is good to know and would love to stay fit but the only time I get is at the end of the day and feel really tired then! Just feel like lying down and eat junk “chanachur”!!!

    Loved your posts. Please keep it up. Would love to see more tips on finding interesting ways to stay active for working men/women.

    • Hi Nova,
      I’m pleased that you liked my fitness blog and its tips. You said that you feel tired and take junk food and that’s why you face problem to be fit or lose weight. I will suggest simply not to eat “Chanachur”–really a junk food. If you are really hungry, and it is snack time, then take fruits, salads, milk, yogourt, cracker (sugar free) or oatmeal. Best technic is: first drink some glasses of water and then take fruits and then take tea(without sugar and milk) and cracker. Then take rest at least 30 mins.
      Then do exercise. To enjoy your exercise, I will suggest you to do dance aerobics or Yoga. Or you can walk in a Tread mill or go to park for walking. For walking outside, you can take any companion and make sure you sweat a lot. After jogging or walking you can do some stretching or abs exercise.
      Again, there you can get lots of DVD for exercise in a DVD store. Buy as you like according to your level and do workout by playing the DVD. I would suggest dance aerobics like–Salsa or hip hop type.
      If you really want fitness and the above way of exercise is not possible, then start going to a good Gym. Take suggestions from the trainers of that gym and take a diet chart from a dietitian. A good gym must have a dietitian and personal trainer.
      Anyway, hope you will be benefited by this reply.
      Thanks for your post and keep in touch.

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