How to Exercise and Lose Weight on a Busy Schedule

  • Commit to a specific workout schedule
  • Fix your workout schedule from a trainer and change it often
  • Do exercise on weekends
  • Make your workout high priority
  • Utilize every second of your workout
  • Follow balanced diet strictly
  • Do portion control of your total daily food intake to get more energy and enhance metabolism
  • Move your whole body when you do exercise
  • Add intensity and impact in your workout
  • Strictly maintain your daily routine
  • Don’t be upset if you cannot maintain your exercise schedule and diet sometimes

2 responses to “How to Exercise and Lose Weight on a Busy Schedule

  1. hey chandrima,nice to see you keeping it up!Alhamdulillah….btw, today measured my weight and found that although I reduced quite a lot after my second childbirth, but have gained again 5 kilo more, and the fact is, literally I DO NOT have any spare time to go jogging/gym anymore, just read in a health booklet today that 10 mins skipping does as good as jogging 1.5 km ( that is burning 110 cals). it would be nice if you can highlight on these issues as it may be helping for the women working/at home. I also would like to get some summarized info from your blog on this topic. also can you highlight some issues on metabolism after 30’s, so far i know its slowed down especially in women,
    please continue with your writing, may Allah bless you

    • Thank you Rubina to visit my blog and give your valuable suggestions. Many peoples are suggesting me to give post about short duration workout. I am thinking about this topic and will give post about it soon. You have mentioned that 10 mins skipping is as good as 1.5 km jogging. It is right. But the main thing you have to mind is how and when you can do it. First, you must do warm up by stretching or walking or jogging and then you can do skipping. Because skipping will increase your heart rate rapidly.By warming up you will gradually increase your heart rate. Then you can do skipping,jumping as you wish. Again,some people may have health problem , like: too overweight, arthritis,high pressure, backbone problem etc. They must consult with doctor before starting skipping or jumping. For this reason every where your will see suggestions to do workout by walking,which is in general. I also don’t give suggestions about specific exercise in blog. Because every exercise is not for all.
      Again, to lose weight or keep fitness there is no shortcut way. You have to do workout at least 30 to 45 mins. Because your body takes 10 mins to warm up.Then it starts to burn fat. But it is better to do short workout than not to do anything. Best short duration exercise can be Circuit,which also lose weight rapidly.
      I’m first emphasizing now on diet and encouragement to start workout. After that I will go for advance level health related topics like metabolism and how we can boost it. Then I will start specific exercise for specific person. Lots and lots of topics are waiting for me to post and also for everyone to read.
      I will suggest you and every working women that: if you love yourself, make time in anyway at least 30 to 60 mins ;not everyday ,it is at lest 4 days in a week and do various types of exercises, like jogging,walking,aerobics,spinning ,running,swimming etc.
      Bye and pray for me.

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