Types of Exercise!

There are two types of exercise. Aerobic and Anaerobic .Aerobic type help to improve your cardio vascular and respiratory system as well as will lose fat and burn calorie. Anaerobic type will also burn fat and will help to shape up your body part and increases your endurance. The first type of exercises are treadmill, stepper, cycling, swimming, cross training, jumping, jogging, running, walking, yoga, typical aerobic workout etc. Second type is weight training. For weight training you can use dumbell, barbell, various kinds of straps and bars, weight machines etc.

If you think that you will practice only cardio type exercise, you cannot be in proper shape. Combination of both types is the best practice and helps you to lose weight and shape your body. Weight training also helps you to strengthen and increases density of your bones and muscles of whole body, prevents osteoporosis, arthritis etc. But be careful about doing weight training. You must consult with your trainer and doctor before starting it. Do proper stretching before and after weight training.

You can practice weight training for every part of your body to shape it up. Visit my blog regularly to learn more about weight training.

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