Fitness Series: Benefits of Fitness, How to Achieve Fitness(Part 2)

So now you know what Fitness is. But is there any reason to achieve Fitness? Here are the benefits of fitness:–

Benefits of Fitness:

  • More energy to perform activities, better feeling
  • A health with no disease in your body and mind
  • Helps to maintain your ideal weight and BMI.
  • Children can imply more focus on studies and can keep good health.
  • Adults can do work swiftly and correctly
  • A good heart, lungs, muscles, bones, joints  and brain etc.
  • Lowers risk of heart attack, high pressure and diabetes, arthritis, back pain, cancers, stomach problems etc.
  • A sound sleep, less stress, capability of handling anxiety and a nice cognitive or sharp mind.
  • A body with no disease all the time or all seasons, results slow aging process.

How can you achieve fitness or enhance fitness?

I know now you want to achieve fitness. But how?

The key items related to attain or possess fitness are:–

  • Regular physical workout—moderate exercise like: brisk half-hour exercise every day or five days a week is helpful to achieve a good level of fitness.
  • Doing harder exercises to increase fitness level. Like: running, kickboxing, Spinning, circuit, step aerobics etc.
  • Increasing level of intensity of all cardio, strength and flexibility workout.
  • Strength training using dumbbell, bar bell, weight machines etc improves fitness of your muscles and bones and joints.
  • Stretching and flexibility exercises like—Yoga, Pilates etc gives you flexibility and cured body from any ailment.
  • Children should engage in various activities, like –playing outdoor games at least 1 hour everyday.
  • Watching weight and BMI regularly and maintaining the relative ranges continuously throughout the life.

If you follow the above key rules to achieve fitness, you and your whole family will get more fit, which results to do more physical activity, harder exercise without additional effort and you will be cheerful all the time.

How to test your fitness level? Click here.  But, you should do it at our own risk. If you have any physical problem please don’t go for it.

I believe you can attain fitness and start exercising from now. Remind that fitness is very much necessary to do more work in our life. Your all effort may go in vain if you don’t have fitness.

So, this is end of my Fitness Series. Hope you enjoyed it.

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