Portion Control: One of the Most Effective Way to Weight Loss!

I think Portion control is a new word to some people. Some people believe that starving is the best way to lose weight. The less food one intake, more weight one will lose. This is one of the great mistakes to successful weight loss. Weight loss can be enhanced by taking proper food in proper amount at proper time. So, portion control means how many calories a person will take during one serving. Portion control is a kind of eating healthy, balanced, and various types of foods also.

Portion control promotes weight loss, boosts metabolism, balances blood sugar level, build muscles and thus help maintain healthy weight.

Eating large portion of food may cause weight gain. You have to understand what kind of food you have to take in what amount. Taking small portion of high calorie or high fat food is not healthy or nutrient.

My previous post: What is balance diet will suggest you about the food guide pyramid to take proper amount of various types of food.

Portion control also incorporates taking meals frequently. For example: most people have to take three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks in a day to maintain healthy, balanced diet. Some people also take foods six or seven times in a day. This is very good as well. For performing portion control you have to know the daily calorie intake. For example if your daily calorie intake is 1400 calories, you divide your calorie intake by at least 5(5 times of daily food intake). Or you can take more calories during meal and less during snacks.

Portion control is very difficult if you are too hungry and then you will devour as much food as you can. Regular practice of this will result weight gain. This can be prevented if you take food frequently in small amount and this will not tends to eat excessive amount during your food intake. One good way to get used to portion control is to take your foods as a portion controlled size in to your plate and to keep extra foods apart from your dining table. After you have finished your portion controlled meal, within 10 to 20 mins you will be noticed that your stomach is full and you will be refrained from taking extra food or overeating.After  30 mins you must take one glass of water.Water should be taken after 30 mins of taking meal, not with your meal or just after your meal.

To understand portion control you have to know the portion size of each food from every food groups. To remember these sizes, estimation is done using objects as a point of reference.  Like: hand size, deck of playing cards, light bulbs, tennis ball etc. For example protein should be as large as palm size; carbs should be measured by one fistful etc. Click here to learn more.

To maintain calorie intake or portion control you should take fruits and vegetables in a large amount ;as they contain very few calories and no fat. Each meal should consists carbs, vegetables and proteins as a healthy one.

Remember that both portion control and regular exercise is the key to maintain healthy weight and lifestyle.

Here is the 10 ways to do portion control.

Learn weight loss,weight gain and BMR calculator.

Image by : Kelly Sue

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