Hello to All Fitness Lovers!

Salam and Hi, This is Kazi Chandrima Rahman. I am doing exercise in Gold’s Gym, Bashundhara, Dhaka for 5 years and lost about 20 kgs within 8 months and now maintaining my weight and shape.

I am not only enthusiastic about doing exercise but also interested about proper diet.

Exercises like: Spinning, Aerobics, Running, circuit are my favorite exercises. Circuit and kickboxing changed my body a lot!

I try to gather huge knowledge about exercise and diet and try to implement this knowledge in my life. I did not find any fitness blog in Bangladesh and so I have opened a fitness blog especially for women. I will try to share my knowledge about exercises and diet with people and will try people to make aware about exercise and fitness.

I have read and visited hundreds and hundreds of exercise, diet and fitness related web sites. I have collected exercise related videos of world’s famous trainers’ like: Jillian Michael. Cathe FriedRich, Kathy Smith, Denise Austin,Shaun T etc.

Moreover, I have achieved Excellent Fitness Award from Gold’s Gym, Bashundhara, Dhaka in 2008.

Based on my knowledge and experiences I will try to give exercise and diet related tips and try to solve problems for other people. Those who are interested to ask me questions regarding exercise and diet, please feel free to visit this blog and ask me questions.


Kazi Chandrima Rahman

Assistant Professor,Computer Science and Engineering,

The University of Asia Pacific,Dhaka,


2 responses to “Hello to All Fitness Lovers!

  1. Hi Chandrima,
    It’s good to see your blog. I think your enthusiasm in exercise and your knowledge should not only spur great interest among women who need exercise to loose weight, but also others who want to stay physically fit. One thing you said earlier about breakfast being very important for loosing weight caught my attention and seemed a very important fact that everyone should remember. I have a question that has a similar flavor. What types of food items (with examples) do you think one should have in his/her everyday diet to stay energetic and fit?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Monir,
      Thanks for your praise about my blog and suggestion.
      I will answer your question in a different way. Balance diet will only help you to stay fit,energetic and slim. Balance diet means various kinds of foods with various nutritional values that are taken 5-6 times a day. You must include all types of foods in your daily diet like: carbohydrates, proteins,vitamins,fats,vegetables etc. Dairy products like:egg,milk etc must also be included everyday. Try to take your meal 5-6 times in a day. This will help to lose weight and stay fit. Because if you take too much calorie at a time,it will not digest properly. As a result, it will store in your body as fat.But if you take small amount of food it will digest easily and will help to maintain your weight.
      One thing you must remember that if you maintain your weight, you must be fit and energetic.
      You must be cautious to take all kinds of foods everyday. Carbohydrates should not be taken in a large amounts. The amount of carbohydrates and calorie should be taken according to your weight,height,gender and work load .With small amount of carbohydrates you should take vegetables in large amount and protein in small amount. This may be menu of your lunch/dinner. You can also take fruits as side menu item.
      Remember to take skim milk and sour curd everyday. You can also take eggs without yolk(after 30 yrs of age, exclude egg yolk) for your nutrition. Try to take small amount of pea nuts everyday. Exclude sweet items, sugar, ice cream, chocolate etc from your diet.
      Also include tea(specially green tea) in your diet. Take large amount of water(at least 8 glasses) everyday. Keep attention to take fibrous foods like: leafy vegetables, complex carbohydrates(brown atta, Quaker oats,corn flakes) etc to take regularly.
      All these food items as well as food habits will help you to keep fit and energetic .
      I don’t know that my answer will be helpful and sufficient for you or not,but remember that food habit is more important than food items to keep you fit.

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